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Advanced Rodent Control    

This course has been created for those who have already taken part in the CRRU certified Rodent Control course and have passed their exam. This course will aim to further your knowledge on rodents and provide in-depth details on rodent biology, legislation and resistance.


  Church Farm Study Centre, Basingstoke:  

This course will cover:

  • Rodent biology
  • Behaviours within urban and rural rodents
  • Behaviour resistance in house mice
  • Resistance and bait tolerance
  • Environmental management
  • Control methods
  • Legislation updates

Church Farm is one of the most unique venues for rodent control training in the UK due to the opportunity to observe live colonies of rats and mice.


Call 0800 0851 451 or email for
more information.

£120 + VAT
(Lunch and refreshments provided)


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