RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management
This qualification is aimed at people working in pest control, giving them the tools to be better equipped to carry out their professional duties safely and efficiently. It is designed to provide an understanding of public health pests, methods of control and fulfils the legal requirements relating to the training of pest control technicians, as set out in the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.

£750 + VAT
Aluminium Phosphide
This course combines classroom theory, practical training and an exam across two consecutive days. The first day will cover several different aspects of Aluminium Phosphide; from legislation, environment and wildlife awareness through to application equipment and record keeping. Day 2 consists of a written assessment in the morning, and a practice procedure in the afternoon that is assessed by our own RSPH qualified tutors.

£290 + VAT
Rodent Awareness Course
This one day Rodent Awareness Course is Stewardship Approved and is the course you must pass if you want to buy rodenticides. The course covers many different areas of rodent awareness, such as rodent behaviour and biology, signs of infestation, inspecting for rodents, legislation and many more. If you have completed this course already, but would like more in depth information on rodents then book onto the Advanced Rodent Control course instead!

£130 + VAT
Advanced Rodent Control   NEW FOR 2017
This course has been created for those who have already taken part in the CRRU certified Rodent Control course and have passed their exam. This course will aim to further your knowledge on rodents and provide in-depth details on rodent biology, legislation and resistance.

£120 + VAT

Safe and Effective Use of Air Rifles
The aim of this one day course is to train technicians and their managers on the safe, effective and legal use of air rifles for bird control. Theory will be covered in the morning session, with a shooting practical in the afternoon that includes tutoring and an assessment. The course starts with basics for newcomers, but also comprehensively covers procedures and techniques for the experienced marksman.

£160 + VAT


Public Health Insects
This one day insect course will educate pest controllers on the biology and control methods for the six most common insects that pose a risk to public health. This training will enhance your skills in identification, prevention and control of insect pests. You will benefit from a greater understanding of behavioural patterns, harbourage locations and breeding cycles, which is essential to reach a successful resolution of all pest infestations.

£100 + VAT

Advanced Bird Management
This interesting and in-depth one day course provides a thorough grounding in all bird management theory, techniques and systems. It is suitable for beginners and those with experience. The course also covers the latest developments in electric systems, solar panel proofing, lasers and scaring.

£120 + VAT
Developing Your Business - A Workshop Approach  NEW FOR 2017
The aim of this course is to help pest controllers develop their business. It will cover a wide variety of needs that are relevant to the workshop group. Topics covered could be as varied as sourcing new business leads, maximising surveying and selling skills, adding value to current services and generating increased sales revenue.

£120 + VAT

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