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PlusLight®, 60 watt, Stainless
PlusLight® is available as a slim white 30w wall/desk mounted product or a 60w stainless steel model, suitable for ceiling suspension.
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PlusLight Glueboards


PlusLight® is available as a slim white 30W wall/desk mounted product ora 60Wstainless steel model, suitable for ceiling suspension. Both products incorporate a unique swing open front that moves the tubes away from the large glue area glueboard, allowing quick and simple glueboard replacement.
• Robust build quality and all metal construction
• Unique swing open front guard and tube assembly for quick and simple servicing
• Large glue area with horizontal section for insect debris collection
• Wall or ceiling mounting options
• Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards
• Tubes: 4 x TPX15-18
• Glueboard: 2 x INF309
• Suggested area coverage: 160m²


Other Colours

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